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tomoyo daidouji s/s 1998 couture


MAID!Iwatobi+Rin + bonus sailorfuku!Nitori (・`ω´・)www


mandy asked for themed cafe recs while she’s in japan so here are the ones i have personally been to and like!

  • http://pinafore.jp (maid / akiba) cute & probably the most inexpensive. they have food sets just for girls and if you’re a girl with other girls they give you extra points on the point card to exchange for polaroids with the maids and stuff! super cute! was featured in the densha otoko drama too.
  • http://mailish.jp (maid / akiba) classy & also has female butlers ^q^ they have themed weekdays like meganekko wednesday, classic maid thursday, kemonomimi tuesday, etc.
  • http://www.curemaid.jp (maid / akiba) classic maids! meaning long dresses and a far more high class atmosphere. they also do collabs with anime/manga sometimes so they would have themed foods. i went during the fma promotion!
  • http://maidreamin.com (maid / akiba) one of the two powerhouse maid cafe chains in akiba, this one & @home tend to be far more commercialized & flashy + have a lot more male customers than females. they are also opening a branch in cali….!
  • http://www.cafe-athome.com (maid / akiba) THE powerhouse maid cafe chain, has maid idol groups, etc. they’re cute but very busy, you don’t get a lot of interaction with the maid and once again, tons more guys than girls in attendance.
  • http://nagomi.tv (imouto / akiba) THEY CALL YOU ONEE-CHAN… i only went once at night where it was more “bar time” than cafe, but the little sister we got was still suuuuper cute and nice and asked us where we were from and stuff! they also have a tsundere option for $5-10 extra….. :^)
  • http://www.acasius.jp (boarding school / shibuya) i lied i’ve never been to this one, but i really want to go!!!!!! 
  • https://www.butlers-cafe.jp (butler / ikebukuro) swallowtail! ~the~ quintessential butler experience. u have make reservations online beforehand and it’s kind of tough if you don’t know japanese, but they do have english menus once you get inside. 
  • http://80plus1.net (female butler / ikebukuro) the space isn’t that big but it’s super cute and the food isn’t bad ;w; the one time i went w/a friend our butler was named akira and they helped flipped my friend’s hood right side out lmao it was so cute…. their polaroids aren’t that expensive either.
  • http://www.nekorobi.jp (cat / ikebukuro) CAT!!!! need i say more

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